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Ancient Solffegio Frequency Body Tuning

Stay tuned, and feel great!

What is Body Tuning?

“For those unfamiliar with the ancient Solfeggio, it is the ‘natural’ or ‘uninversal’ set of tones which flow perfectly and match those of creation and all natural biological systems and the natural/whole number system. It is numerologically perfect.” (Description found on the Tekkgnostic YouTube channel.) These frequencies were described in ancient texts including the Old Testament and have recently been “decoded” by Dr. Joseph Puleo. They were believed to be used in sacred music such as Hymn to St. John The Baptist. They were used for spiritual purposes but have been lost for several centuries.  Click here to hear modern electronic music using the solfeggio frequencies.

Body Tuning is a method of using active dowsing and a set of tuning forks that have been precisely tuned to the ancient Solfeggio frequencies, not heard in our modern world, to restore energy, vitality, and health. The tuning forks can be used to “awaken” the energy in the chakras. This has a profound effect on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and we are relearning what our ancestors knew, that these aspects of our lives work together, not independently of each other. Tuning forks can also be used directly on the body to help bring balance to specific areas. Body tuning is a wonderful compliment to traditional Western medicine which focuses on the mechanical and chemical aspects of our health. This, often overlooked, third aspect of health, our etheric (energy) field, is equally important. The use of sound frequencies has been scientifically shown to be beneficial to our bodies and is an effective, non-invasive, gentle, but powerful way to provide balance and restore health and vitality, similar to other energy modalities. For more information please visit

Do you need a tuning?

Think of your body like a fine piano, violin, or sports car, only infinitely more valuable! Keeping our bodies “tuned” to beneficial frequencies helps us function at an optimal level. Healthy sound frequencies are as vital to our overall well-being as clean air and water. Sound frequencies are so important to our natural world that flowers would not bloom if the birds didn’t chirp, and entire ecosystems would not to survive without the sounds of the frogs and crickets.

According to BioSonics tuning fork developer and sound researcher, Dr. John Beaulieu, “Like adjusting a piano, your body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical balance. Tapping two BioSonic tuning forks will instantaneously alter your body’s biochemistry and bring your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance. In seconds … your body enters a deep state of relaxation. Feeling centered, your mind will be at peace…

Experience states of deep relaxation in seconds, reduce stress instantaneously, increase blood flow, enhance immune response, fully integrate body & mind, and transcend to higher levels of consciousness.” (

The principles of quantum physics demonstrate that everything is energy, and energy frequencies can be measured. This is how we know that the “A” on the piano needs to vibrate at 440hz. The organ systems and etheric field of our bodies also have an optimal frequency. For instance, scientists have discovered that using the frequency of 528hz will repair damaged DNA, and, coincidentally, one of the Solfeggio frequencies is 528hz. In our modern equal-temperament tuning system, 528hz and the other Solfeggio frequencies do not exist. So, although music triggers our memories and emotions and can lift our spirits and provide pleasure and enjoyment, it does not have the same health benefits as the Solfeggio frequencies.

How do you know if you are “out of tune”? For starters, if you have ever experienced stress, you are probably in need of a tuning. Stress affects the body’s energy system negatively. In addition, we are constantly bombarded with non-beneficial frequencies from cell phones, televisions, computers, and microwave ovens, among other things. We wear rubber-soled shoes which keep us from being grounded or receiving the natural beneficial energies of the earth. We eat refined foods which contain GMOs, processed sugars, and chemical ingredients. These foods can have unhealthy frequencies. We interact with “negative” people. We drink water with fluoride, chlorine, and other contaminants, and from a medical standpoint, we are, likely, never informed that our energy field determines the quality of our health. Also, consider the fact that our bodies are mostly water, and observe the picture below of how the Solfeggio frequencies have a positive affect on water. Exposure to the frequencies turns the molecules into beautiful geometric shapes, resembling snowflakes. A similar reaction occurs when we say things like, “I love you,” as demonstrated by Dr. Masaru Emoto in 1994. In other words, most people will find regular body tuning sessions to be beneficial!


About Nicole

Nicole is studying to become certified as a sound therapist and licensed spiritual healer through SomaEnergetics.

Nicole received her B.A. in vocal music education and organ performance from Metropolitan State University. She taught general music in Jefferson County Public Schools and then began teaching privately. In addition to teaching, she works as a freelance musician playing piano, organ, flute, and guitar and also directing choirs. She plays in different local bands and enjoys composing contemporary classical piano music. She has written music for wedding ceremonies and hopes to release a CD of original piano pieces. Her future plans also include composing and recording music using the solffegio tones.

Nicole has used different forms of “energy medicine” such as acupuncture and subtle energy machines for many years to resolve health issues such as asthma and to improve sleep, mental clarity, and immune system function.

Her dowsing experience began at age 15 when she learned to dowse for water. Years later, she took classes to learn about different dowsing methods and uses. Of greatest interest was the use of dowsing in healing modalities. As a musician, understanding the importance of “sound,” and being intrigued by music history prior to the Medieval period (the ancient history that is not taught in college music history classes), she found a perfect fit for using her dowsing skills and knowledge of ancient “music” in SomaEnergetics’ sound therapy system. Nicole is a member of the Mile High Dowsers Society.

Body Tuning Session Options

Each session provides a unique experience, and the beauty of using BioSonics tuning forks is that the sound works at the cellular level. The frequencies go right to the source of the imbalance and will do their job to replace energies that are no longer useful with healthy, beneficial energies. We remove energies that are not needed and are causing imbalances and create a “cocoon” of beneficial ones!

Sessions generally last 30 to 60 minutes, and unlike massage-therapy, they are done with the client fully clothed. The Energy-Vitality Technique takes about 30 minutes, and the Body Mapping Technique, which includes the Energy-Vitality Technique, generally takes an additional 15 to 30 minutes.  The Chakra Stone Relaxation Stone Technique can also be incorporated into the session.

Energy-Vitality Technique: This tuning is done with the client lying on a massage table. It works deeply with the chakra system. SomaEnergetics’ founder David Hulse teaches that this technique is helpful for accessing the energy that is available but not always used which is sitting in the coccyx area at the base of the spine. This energy can be “activated” with the tuning forks and moved through the chakra system to provide energy and vitality to the body and organ systems. He believes that most people exist in “survival” mode (meaning that they only have enough energy available, most of the time, to simply survive) and will benefit from having extra energy to do more with their lives. In addition, each chakra center corresponds to organs/organ systems, and the frequencies provide energetic support to those systems. It also facilitate the movement of cerebrospinal fluid which is important to all body systems.

Body Mapping Technique: This technique is also done with the client lying on a massage table. Specific areas of concern are addressed using tuning forks and acupressure points. As a body tuner is placed directly on the body at the place of concern, nitric oxide is released. Leading sound researcher Dr. John Beaulieu states, “If you have health issues, the application of tuning forks to pressure points stimulates the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is made inside the vascular, nerve and immune cells and is rhythmically released into the surrounding tissues as a gas. It participates in the healthy functioning of all main organ systems and acts as a signaling molecule and attacking molecule neutralizing viruses, bacteria, and other free radicals. We’ve even tested it in laboratory experiments demonstrating the healing power of sound.” ( Dowsing can also be used to find areas that need attention. This is done in combination with the Energy Vitality Technique.

Chakra Stone Relaxation Technique: This technique is done with the client lying on a massage table and can be incorporated into the body tuning sessions. It is done prior to the Energy-Vitality Technique. Chakras are opened using tuning forks and natural stones placed on the body. By opening the chakras, this technique is a great compliment to the Energy-Vitality Technique.

Quick Tuning: This is an abbreviaed version of the Energy-Vitality Technique and is done with the client sitting in a chair. It takes 15-20 minutes and can be done individually or with 2-3 people.

Group Tunings: These tunings are done as a group and are open to anyone who wants to attend. The collective positive energy coming from a group can be extremely powerful! These tunings are a great way to make changes that involve adding something to your life or getting rid of something in your life. They are also a great way for families, friends, or couples to infuse positive energy into the relationship to help resolve difficult issues or simply continue to strengthen the positive energy that exists. There is no charge to participate. Please email Nicole at for location, date, and time.

What do clients experience from a body-tuning session?

Click here to read about what clients of SomaEnergetics have experienced.

Noteworthy Resources/Websites: Hulse is the founder and developer of SomaEnergetics. His book is called A Fork in the Road.

Dr. John Beaulieu-“John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D., is one of the foremost philosophers and major innovators in the area of sound healing therapies.”  He is the developer of the Biosonics tuning forks used for body tuning sessions.

Dr. Leonard HorowitzThe Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love and Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse Innerfeld was Nicole’s dowsing instructor. He practices many forms of energy healing work including Spiritual Response Therapy.  He has written two books, Messages to Your Heart and Soul Messages. Braden is a highly educated scientist who, for the last thirty years, has eloquently bridged the gap between science and spirituality through lectures (many can be found on YouTube) and books and has been invited to speak at the U.N. His latest book is called Resilience from theHeart: The Power to Thrive in Life’s Extremes. Rankin was formally educated in traditional Western medicine and became interested in the power of the human mind in healing. She has done extensive research in this area which culminated in the writing of her book, Mind Over Medicine. She has written other books as well.

The Choice is Clear by Dr. Allen E. Banik, OD-This short but informative book describes the science that supports the benefits of drinking distilled water, one of the most important things you can do for your health.


The information and services provided here are for general information purposes only. The information and services are not intended to be substitutes for professional medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment.